Wildlife Conservation in Kenya

This book will be published by Carte Diem Press.

Lesson 1: Understanding the Laikipian Landscape
This lesson challenges students to explore the Laikipian Landscape using Google Earth. The overarching goal is to develop ideas about how environmental and human impacts influence biodiversity in the region. The scavenger hunt will invite students to use Google Earth more as a research tool than as a repository of information.
    Lesson Plan: Understanding the Laikipian Landscape
    Student Handout: Letter from the Laikipian Wildlife Forum
    Student Worksheet: Understanding the Laikipian Landscape
    Student Worksheet Answers: Understanding the Laikipian Landscape

Lesson 2: Exploring the Wildlife of Laikipia
Students create narrated slideshows that highlight animals within a specific trophic level. Collectively, students are exploring and documenting the diversity of wildlife in this region.
    Lesson Plan: Exploring the Wildlife of Laikipia
    Student Worksheet: Exploring the Wildlife of Laikipia
    Student Worksheet Answers: Exploring the Wildlife of Laikipia

Lesson 3: Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives
Students will discover some of the many ways in which land management can shape the environment by investigating the daily lives of ranchers, tourism operators, and pastoralist community members.
    Lesson Plan: Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives
    Student Handout: Stakeholder Summaries (reading)
    Student Worksheet: Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives
    Student Worksheet Answers: Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives

Lesson 4: Creating a Policy Recommendation
Students will use their individual understandings of Laikipia's community members and the impacts of different types of land use to create a policy recommendation that balances the needs and goals of the various stakeholders. Student proposals must conserve biodiversity while being socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable (triple bottom line).
    Lesson Plan: Wildlife Conservation Project
    Student Worksheet: Triple Bottom Line
    Student Worksheet Answers: Triple Bottom Line
    Student Worksheet: Wildlife Conservation Project
    Student Worksheet Answers: Wildlife Conservation Project




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