Video Festival: 2011

This year we are again using a software called VoiceThread as the virtual space for you to view and discuss the videos below. Below are links and questions for each video.

1. The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire - Wangari Mathaai
What do you think Dr. Maathai means when she says "Be a hummingbird"? Can you think of a way in which you could "be a hummingbird in your community" as she suggests?

2. What Cows Produce
How is eating meat connected with global warming? Why do you think most people don’t make this connection? 

3. Blue Man’s Group Message to America
To what extent do you think people in your community are concerned about global warming? Do you think we should care about impacts on communities far away? 

4. Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption
If you could change one thing about the way in which Americans consume resources, what would you choose to do?

5. What is Biodiversity?
What strikes you as the most important aspect of biodiversity?

6. Unchopping a Tree - Maya Lin
If you could unchop trees, where would you do it and why?

7. Cane Toads: A Very Invasive Species
What do you know about invasive species where you live? In what ways are they similar to or different from the Cane Toads in Australia?

8. Biodiversity Conservation: Conservation International
Where is one of your favorite places in the world that most likely needs to be protected? Why is it important to protect it?

The instructions for using VoiceThread for this video festival are available here.


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