A blog, a.k.a. a weblog, is a webpage with a series of short, dated entries posted by an author or small group of authors. Blogs are an electronic notebook for students to cultivate writing skills, share and compare thoughts, and reflect upon classroom lessons and activities. On the flip side, blogs can also provide you with an opportunity to share your classroom experiences and reflect upon your teaching strategies with your colleagues.

What can I do with a blog?
    Crossing Boundaries Curriculum Resources
- Peak into the life of our conservation scientists in the field
- Publish a "Species of the Week" blog that each student contributes to over the    school year
- Post videos or articles and have students write reflections in the comments section
- Write observations, methods, and conclusions for experiments in a blog "science notebook"

  1. Quick Start Guide

1. Sign up for your blog.

  1. 2. Explore the blog idea bank and find inspiration in websites teachers and staff have bookmarked.

  2. 3. Go to EduBlogs and start exploring. Here's some links to get you started. 
  3. - Navigate your blog's dashboardWrite your first post
  4. - Edit your postSet up blogging rules and guidelines
  5. - Add students to your blog, so they can post

  1. 4. Create student blogs 
  2. - Set up student blogs
    - Add students to your blog roll
  3. - Read student blogs easily with Google Reader

  4. 5. Check out
  5. - Edublogs user guide
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