Google Earth

Open Google Earth and you’ll immediately witness its magic. Google Earth, a free software program, literally puts the entire globe on your student’s computer screen. For students who may never travel beyond the border of their county, Google Earth offers an interactive and engaging passport to discover not only every continent, but also the world’s biomes, local watersheds, or a species’ habitat range… to name a few. Students can zoom in, tilt, and “fly” around the world in Google Earth’s 3-D environment.    

What can I do with Google Earth?

    Crossing Boundaries Curriculum Resources
  • Track and calculate your food miles
  • Visualize where the world's biomes are located around the world
  • Plot global environmental disasters

Quick Start Guide

1. Apply for Google Earth Pro. (Free for educational purposes). Google Earth Pro will allow you to measure area, use movie maker, print high resolution images, and use the GIS data import tools. In the meantime, download Google Earth (avoid downloading Google Earth Pro 7 day free trial).

  1. 2. Explore the Google Earth idea bank and find inspiration in websites teachers and staff have bookmarked.

  2. 3. Open Google Earth Pro and start exploring. Here's some links to get you started.
  3. 4. Check out


Google Earth Help Videos




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