Besides being fun to say, a wiki can be fun to use. A wiki is a simple website that can promote transparent collaboration within student-team projects. Wiki's can be a gathering point for your students to share resources and collectively develop projects. Your students can post images, slideshows, maps, podcasts, videos, PowerPoints, graphs, and tables. Not only can your students articulate their own ideas, they can read, edit, and critically review their peers’ work.      

What can I do with a Wiki?

    Crossing Boundaries Curriculum Resources
  • Create a "wikibook" about alternative energies
  • Peer review lab reports
  • Use a wiki instead of a traditional PowerPoint to share content on endangered species
  • Gain a better understanding of biodiversity patterns around the world by sharing Science Pipe graphs and interpretations


  1. Quick Start Guide

  1. 1. Go to Wikispaces for teachers
    • Create a name for your wiki
    • Select wiki permissions by selecting private (this is free for the educational uses
    • Certify that your wiki is for k-12 education
  2. 2. Explore the Wiki idea bank and find inspiration in websites teachers and staff have bookmarked.

  3. 3. Start creating your wiki. Here's some videos to get you started.
  4. 4. Check out

  1. Wiki Help Videos

Set your theme

Add images and files

Embed videos, slideshows, Google calendars

Invite students with email addresses

Set permissions



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