Podcasts are audio recordings that can be downloaded from the internet. With less than a handful of mouse clicks, students can create concise 90 second podcasts that demonstrate their knowledge on a particular subject. Post student podcasts to a free Wikispace wiki and create a gallery of podcasts where students can listen, learn, and discuss each others podcasts. Podcasts could summarize a scientist's research, describe a species, or follow the metamorphosis of a butterfly... the sky is literally the limit.    

What can I do with a Podcast?

    Crossing Boundaries Curriculum Resources
  • Describe the pros and cons of a particular alternative energy
  • Share green tips
  • Describe a species, including habitat and conservation threats
  • Tell a story about the latest biodiversity issues


    Quick Start Guide

  2. 1. Download Audacity.

    2. Explore the podcast idea bank and find inspiration in websites teachers and staff have bookmarked.

    3. Here's some tips to get you started.
  • Open Audacity. Go to File and select Preferences. In the recording section, select your microphone and click ok.
  • Click record button
  • Record your podcast
  • Click stop and click play to listen to your recording

    4. Check out
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